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About Tokyo East 21

Tokyo East 21

Tokyo East 21, the Multifunctional City has three functions;
Office, Hotel, and Commerce.

Tokyo East 21 has created comfortable business environment which supports business-life variously.
"East 21 Hall" of "Hotel East 21 Tokyo" has an agreement with Koto Ward to serve as a temporary refuge during times of disaster. It functions as a refuge base as well as a large supermarket and store.

Tokyo East 21


"East 21 Mall" is lively thanks to its large supermarket and various stores. Restaurants have as many as 1,000 seats and are suited to lunch-needs. There are also a variety of retail stores for every day needs of customers. There are thriving Clinics, Dental Clinics, and Pharmacies on the 2nd floor. We support our office workers' well-being.

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"East 21 Tower" has cutting-edge facilities and "East 21 Business Center" has extensive office space as large as 3.75 square kilometers of floor area. The two office buildings can respond to all business needs.

East 21 Tower
East 21 Business Center


"Hotel East 21 Tokyo" has a total 381 guest rooms(As of January 2018 ) and is a member-hotel of Okura Hotels & Resorts. There are seven Restaurants & Bars・Lounges and large, medium, and small Banquet Halls which are fully able to meet all business needs.

Hotel East 21 Tokyo

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Facility map

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TEL 03-5632-9111
Open hours 10:00~18:00 (Not available 14:00~15:00 due of patrol)

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